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a night in cranston

November 24, 2008

I got a call when I was almost home that my friend was at the Ford Dealership in Cranston.  By the time I got to the dealership, she had about an hour and a half to two hours until they would be finished with her car.  So we went to dinner.  She’s not familiar with the area so it was up to me to choose the dinner spot.  I chose Pei Wei, near REI and Ted’s Montana Grill, but it’s no longer there.  Instead we went to Panera, down the road.

Pretty delicious.  We both got the tortilla soup and I had a half of sandwich to round off the meal.  YUM!

Now, I’m home.  I just finished the rest of the 24 episode.  The end was the best part, where we got a glimpse of what’s to come.  24’s new season will include Chloe (she’s a mom), Tony (I thought he was dead), and Jack in a suit.  It will have it’s place in my Tivo queue.  At least for a while.

CSI is what I’m getting into now.  A lot seems to have happened since I last watched it.  The romance between Grissom and Sarah is dissolving.  And now that Warrick is no longer on the team (I think he died), the old squint is in the field and there’s a young blond out in the field with Greg.  This episode, Leave Out All The Rest, is from a couple of weeks ago, with an appearance by Lady Heather and a lot of sexual references.  If you’ve caught any of the CSI episodes with Lady Heather, she’s consulted when there’s plot tangled with S & M or less than usual sexual themes.  Since this show takes place in Las Vegas, they consult Lady Heather often.  This episode involves ‘needle play.’

finally… Threadless, a great t-shirt place that is based in Chicago is running a $5 sale.  So many shirts for only $5 apiece.


i don’t watch tv, i watch tivo

November 23, 2008

I didn’t watch too much t.v. throughout this week, even on Tivo, I ended up saving it for today.  I watched Bones, Criminal Minds, an old episode of House, The Daily Show (the interview with David Foster (Foster vs. Nixon) was great, and Jon was on when he had Papa Bear on), and now I’m watching some of the 2-hour 24 special (whatever I can stay up for).  I hope for Fox’s sake and original 24 viewers that it can revive itself.  We all know that the plot has been lacking the past couple of seasons.  This season takes place in Africa and Jack’s trying to save the kids from becoming cold-blooded murderers, how noble!  The guy from ’28 Weeks Later’ is the headmaster of a boys school of orphans that in the first hour was taken over by recruiters of Sengala’s army.

As soon as I complete this show, I want to watch Colbert’s Christmas Special, but I think I’ll hold off on that viewing until Thanksgiving, it’s still too early to get into the spirit fully.  I have to admit though, I’m starting to get into the spirit.  I made Pumpkin Bread the other day and it smelled like Thanksgiving.  My first taste I was a little weary, but I like it.  I’ll take a loaf to work tomorrow, and get some additional opinions.  I have some batter left that I think I’ll add some chocolate chips to, can only improve it, right?  

This post is a little scattered because I’m watching 24 with the plot pulling in a couple of directions, and I actually like it.

I feel like I’m still fighting some kind of cold, not as much with the sneezing, but my throat feels pretty scratchy today and the hot tea isn’t very soothing =/.  I stayed in on Friday and Saturday night and didn’t leave the house today.  On a more exciting note, I made shaved steak sandwiches and had the honor of sharing them with a friend.  Another exciting piece of news is that I might be getting a dog.  I will meet her this week and see how we mesh.  She’s about 4 years old and I think it’ll be good for Tok-tok to have a buddy.

meh, it’s getting late, so I’ll sign off for now, and hopefully do a better job this week keeping up with my reader links and personal updates. nighty, night…

catching up

November 23, 2008

This post will more than likely turn out to be a long one, so I’m tunin up my Pandora and going to trudge through my google reader and share as much as I deem worthy to share.  To aid in navigation, I’ll do what I can to categorize and maybe I’ll even find space to tell y’all about my week.


*  I’ve been checking out Josh Spears, and I like a lot of his links, this one particularly hit me.  I want a new coat, I don’t need a new coat, but these are too cute!  I’ll hold out for now to buy one, but when I finally have the cash to blow, I will remember this site: Jules Elin via Josh Spears.  My faves: the Jessica and the Soley.

*  I’ve wanted galoshes for a while, and with the snow on its way, now’s as good of time as any to invest.  ReubenMiller’s blog introduced me to MoovBoots.  I especially like The Alice.  

*  It’s a BRO.  They’re much more feminine that I’d expected.


*  This particular chandelier has popped up on a couple of the feeds I subscribe to:  Modulair.  While the concept is pretty cool, I think they’re hideous.  Perfect for a kid’s playroom, but otherwise tacky.  It warrants Kudos for concept though.  Designed by Rodrigo Alonso, you can check out some of his other designs within his website.  I particularly like:  blightster, selk-bag, and his jewelry is conceptually genius.

*  I should invest in this for my Kilt-wearing guests: chair.

*  They work the same as a regular bulb, but they look way cooler; light bulbs.


*  For the mac owner on your Christmas list: FOOF!  I want a MacBook but, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so, instead I will celebrate the ownership of others’ MacBooks.  I personally like nami aka, chocolate and tsunami.  So when I finally do go Mac, that’s where you can shop for me =).


*  Disgusting


*  MIA / BLAQSTARR way down in the hole *  PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED rise

*  You’re a Pepper, I’m a Pepper.  If you like Dr. Pepper, don’t miss out on your free can!  If you don’t like Dr. Pepper, you’re probably a communist.

T.V. and Movies

*  I like the Daily Show, it’s just that it’s toture to watch after digesting episodes of the faster paced Colbert Report.  Scroll down in this article for a day in the life of The Daily Show as illustrated by the NYT. *  If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know I’m reading Watchmen, a celebrated graphic novel.  I’m just starting chapter IX and even though I hadn’t read as much when I saw the latest preview, and I recognized quite a few of the scenes.  They’re doing a really great job bringing the novel to life.

*  Information on the ‘Arrested Development’ movie.

The Web

*  Why didn’t I think of this??!!  This guy named Jason is selling each day of the year 2009 to whoever wants to buy it, in exchange he’ll advertise your business or anything you’d like him to for that matter by wearing a shirt you supply in size XL.  If he successfully sells everyday of the year, he’ll earn $6,679.  That’s substantial pocket change.  

*  Thanks for getting me hooked, has whatever music video you’re looking for.  I haven’t watched too many, but it looks like the censored for T.V.  OH GOODIE – they even have videos from VH1’s Pop-Up Video. =)

*  This has got to be one of the FUNNIEST THINGS I have ever seen.  I only wish I could draw a spider as well this man.  And capitalize on it: SOLD!

*  I’m not into this whole vampire craze, but this is awesome.  Someone bought an old Vampire-Killing-Kit online.

*  Aye pirates!  Now you’ll never lose track of them.


*  I realize Americans take a lot for granted, but here’s something to add to the list.  The right to practice the exercise regimen of their preference.  Malaysia’s top Islamic body has ruled that Muslims are not allowed to practice Yoga.  I’m not an avid Yoga-er but I enjoy the stretching and relaxation techniques that it provides.  I simply don’t understand how anyone can have such blind faith to be okay with a ruling like this.  I just don’t get it.

weekend’s here, finally

November 16, 2008

I’ve been fighting of a lot of small sneezes and some slight congestion, in turn I’ve been pretty exhausted.  I stayed in on Friday and Saturday night and left Amy’s Thursday night birthday fun early.  I was planning on going to the Providence College vs Northwestern basketball game with some friends after work on Saturday, but I was too tired, so I went home and ate leftovers instead.  I started to watch Superman, but was lured away by the graphic novel, Watchmen.  

Today I have to get my house rearranged for my new furniture, pick up my new furniture, do laundry, get to Cranston to buy equipment… I have a lot to do, but first I am figuring out how to rearrange.  Since I’m on the interweb and haven’t touched the blog for a couple of days, I thought I’d update.  

… I got distracted there in the middle and did some maneuvering.  I need some big strong men and women to help me get my things to the basement. =)  Now calling all volunteers, prizes available to the most helpful!  These prizes could be one of the following: an upgrade to your Christmastime present(s), beer from my fridge, dinner with yours truly, a CAT (slightly used).  So sign up now, I need you!

In the meantime, help yourself and peruse the attached links:

I am a fan of notebooks and as much as I love me some college ruled paper, my heart is still with graph paper and the little squares it possesses.  Thus I was happy to see doane paper featured on a blog I frequent, not martha.  I am still on the lookout for a spiral bound, graph paper pad.

There are some food-related posts that I saw on Discover.  I’m from Indiana, and if you’ve spent any time there in the summer, you too know “There’s more than corn in Indiana…”  Truly they are lying to you, because if you’ve been to Indiana Beach, I’m more than certain you’ve been just as disappointed.  Anymore it sounds like there’s not much more than corn in fast-food-America.  In the case of many youngsters, hell, many professionals too, there is such a high dependency on the convenient foods that we find surrounding us.  These foods are often fattening and high in man-made sugars.  Today’s kids, as a generalization, are not very healthy.  “…52 of the participants had artery walls as thick as those of an average 45-year-old, indicating that fatty plaques have built up on the inside of the arteries…”  Eww.

Since I’ve started writing on wordpress, I’ve had an opportunity to look around and see what other people are writing about and how they format the things they do.  I have started keeping tabs on a Mormon bi-sexual’s dealings with her life.  She’s got a good writing style and it’s easy to connect to her story of conflicts.  Check it out,  

Finally, a super-cute video from a France.  There are subtitles because it’s in French, but this girl’s story telling is great and might even be the next Mother Goose.  Check it out.

p.s. this is my cat.

token likes to lick the plate

November 12, 2008

it’s been a long day.  the grilled cheese sandwich with deli turkey and bacon was just what the doctor ordered, in a manner of speaking.  now, as the token black cat cleans my plate, i’m reflecting on the day that sped by me.  work in the morning, a short break to come home and feed the cat, then back to work.  sleep won’t come soon enough.  

but i read a lot today, or skimmed quite a few articles at work, but since i just bowled the other night, i found this one quite touching… check this out, he spent 45 YEARS on the same bowling team for Nutt Farms, and the guy was only sixty-two, that’s true dedication.

ps to the bowling idea – a little birdie told me there’s $8 all you can eat + bowling on sundays… i have yet to confirm, but this is something i will definitely be looking into.

in politics:

** we can’t seem to get enough of miss palin.  i half agree with jack cafferty’s take on the situation but i think i most agree with “Elizabeth” and “Tom”

** and about another interview with Ms. Palin, she’s never avoided the questions before, why should she start now?

** the president elect is human, crazy right?, he collects things his daughters are just as ambitious as him.  there were a lot of these quips that i was familiar with, even that he’s a south paw, but maybe someone has a conan the barbarian comic that could spark his interest???

there were also some shopping i started to do and some neat little science stories i perused, but … those links will have to wait for another day.  i’m sleepy, goodnight.


November 11, 2008

in more ways than one i feel totally defeated tonight.
1) 3 of the 5 people that bowled tonight kicked my ass! us bottom feeders, well two of us, certainly didn’t care about what was happening, at least near the end, and with two, yes TWO strikes, i still failed to even compete for the third spot.
2) my main pleasure center is lacking, and … well that just sucks…
3) i have to go to work tomorrow, both jobs, and that is enough to put anyone in a bad mood.
4) i’m not sure what 4 is yet, but it sucks.

add to that it’s Wednesday not BLT Thursday and I don’t know what i’ll bring for lunch… i think i’m defaulting to progresso soups with buttered bread… unimaginative and boring, but it might taste alright

oh and all i have left on netflix, thanks to lousy postal holidays, is 1 disc of Colbert: best of… it better be good… =\ i’m in no mood to be disappointed.

tivo is socialism

November 10, 2008

according to the Steven Colbert episode with Wilco anyway.  It was a fun interview w/Jeff Tweedy and he put together a very Wilco-y tune just for the show.  It originally aired on October 30 but I didn’t watch until tonight.  Well worth the 22 minutes I spent on it =).

I haven’t posted much the past couple of days, but I’ve been busy catching up on Tivo, and reading… yeah people still do that, amazing stuff, reading.  i’m still working on American Elf by James Kolchaka and it’s great.  so refreshing to see that the silly everyday things that i deal with (trying to be sober when I’m clearly drunk, dreading personal meetings or travels, putting off cleaning up the cat’s hairballs) are the same things that other people deal with.  here are some links that have caught my interest since the election:

Why it’s a good idea to appeal the passing of Prop 8

it’s rudimentary discrimination, and reminiscent of the 5/3 law…

Obama’s economic plan reminds even Canadians of Ronald Reagan

I especially like their dollar to dollar comparison of McCain’s plan to Obama’s.

This link is one of astronomical proportions… Truly amazing

The file is huge, but it’s gorgeous and somewhat unbelievable, for me anyways. (that’s what she said)

This graphic is a little overwhelming at first but I like the way it’s organized.

I saw a link to this trailer for Up Pixar’s latest movie on PopCandy this week.

I also got in a run before it got dark.  I didn’t think I’d be running in the cold, in fact my chest was burning near the end, but it felt good.

 View Interactive Map on

last but not least…. Science is cool

it’s wing night at trinity brew house, for only $2.00 i’m going to get 10 delicious wings

good morning, from the afternoon

November 8, 2008

it’s already 3:30 in the afternoon, but i’m finally feeling okay enough to be productive.  i went into work thinking the migraine i was trying to squell was on its way out.  it only grew to blur my vision and piss me off.  i tried to stick around, but after they saw how worthless i was on the sales floor, i think i scared customers away (oops), they told me to head home.  

at home, i crawled into a ball in my bed, ate a couple of saltines, and cracked open a nice cold one.  ah thank you Canada Dry.  i got home at roughly 10:30 and i finally feel alright.  i don’t know if it’s the weather or stress or hormones or a combination of these things, whatever it is, i hate it.

now that i feel better, i should get productive.  maybe i’ll venture to cranston and look for pads for derby.


November 8, 2008
apparently you can be my netflix friend, just click here


November 6, 2008

quite possibly my favorite domestic beer, Budweiser is gracing me with its presence tonight.  it’s got a full flavor and although they’re owned by some euro brewing company, it’s tasty and still brewed in the US, isn’t it?  i bought 18-cans tonight.  yeah, i had never seen that casing before, but it’s a pretty good gig.  i got more than my typical 6 cans/bottles, way more and the box doesn’t take up my entire fridge… only half ;). 

i started my evening in smithfield, ri at a chelo’s with friends for some pre-movie beverages, and since none of us had eaten dinner, we planned on getting some food too.  too bad the waitress was the slowest waitress alive, because if she had done her job well, we would have gotten out of there with more than one measly round of drinks… her tip would have skyrocketed (drinks aren’t cheap, well relatively speaking they were, i mean we would have paid $20 for drinks alone in pvd, but we had an app sampler too, but i digress) ‘eh, guess i should thank her for sucking and saving me the money i’d otherwise spent on her services.  after drinks we headed to apple valley movie theater to see zach & miri make a porno.  i set myself up for disappointment, since i haven’t even thought of wasting a netflix selection on kevin smith’s last film, jersey girl, but i was very happy with the movie.  if tits, balls, and cocks make you squeamish, sit this one out.  if you hate clerks and mall rats, this isn’t for you.  smith’s classic conversational humor is back.  the worst part of this movie was probably the previews.  since it’s a new one, i’ll leave the review at that for now.

that brings me to the now part of the night, i’ve gotta get back into the latest, well first and latest, graphic novel that i started, american elf.  i want to move onto Watchmen asap and i’d feel bad leaving this first one on the shelf unfinished. nighty night, i have work to do.