speech! speech! speech!

McCain’s concession speech was very gracious and save his audience I was very impressed.  

Obama’s speech led me to ask questions.  Questions like:

What kind of puppy will they get?  Any suggestions?

How is Obama’s victory a victory of the people, but McCain’s failure completely his own?

Why is Jesse Jackson so miserable?

Didn’t he win already, does he need to keep repeating “Yes We Can?”  It’s a catchy phrase and I do appreciate the touching story, but to me, it’s tired.  He knows what he’s doing though, so I’ll let him unite the masses and I’ll just keep it to myself, or at least to this little blog.  

Oh, and when did he earn this folksy accent?  Maybe I never noticed it, but well, I never noticed it until tonight.

 What is with these people wearing insanely yellow dresses?  Maybe Jill Biden and Cindy McCain can get dinner this week and talk about yellow dresses and how they’ll start the next trend.  Yellow is this season’s Black?

On a side note it was nice to hear John McCain refer to Joe Biden as ‘my old friend, Joe Biden’ in his speech, it was a reminder of the SNL spoof of the VP debate.


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One Response to “speech! speech! speech!”

  1. Trisha Says:

    the puppy is at the top of my list too! the eager public would like to know!!! How can he just leave us hanging like that?? but I think its going to be a Golden Retriever

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