quite possibly my favorite domestic beer, Budweiser is gracing me with its presence tonight.  it’s got a full flavor and although they’re owned by some euro brewing company, it’s tasty and still brewed in the US, isn’t it?  i bought 18-cans tonight.  yeah, i had never seen that casing before, but it’s a pretty good gig.  i got more than my typical 6 cans/bottles, way more and the box doesn’t take up my entire fridge… only half ;). 

i started my evening in smithfield, ri at a chelo’s with friends for some pre-movie beverages, and since none of us had eaten dinner, we planned on getting some food too.  too bad the waitress was the slowest waitress alive, because if she had done her job well, we would have gotten out of there with more than one measly round of drinks… her tip would have skyrocketed (drinks aren’t cheap, well relatively speaking they were, i mean we would have paid $20 for drinks alone in pvd, but we had an app sampler too, but i digress) ‘eh, guess i should thank her for sucking and saving me the money i’d otherwise spent on her services.  after drinks we headed to apple valley movie theater to see zach & miri make a porno.  i set myself up for disappointment, since i haven’t even thought of wasting a netflix selection on kevin smith’s last film, jersey girl, but i was very happy with the movie.  if tits, balls, and cocks make you squeamish, sit this one out.  if you hate clerks and mall rats, this isn’t for you.  smith’s classic conversational humor is back.  the worst part of this movie was probably the previews.  since it’s a new one, i’ll leave the review at that for now.

that brings me to the now part of the night, i’ve gotta get back into the latest, well first and latest, graphic novel that i started, american elf.  i want to move onto Watchmen asap and i’d feel bad leaving this first one on the shelf unfinished. nighty night, i have work to do.


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One Response to “bud-weis-er”

  1. harper kcozam Says:

    dude, budweiser? sooo much better out there (:
    also, i’m liking your blog. keep it up!

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