good morning, from the afternoon

it’s already 3:30 in the afternoon, but i’m finally feeling okay enough to be productive.  i went into work thinking the migraine i was trying to squell was on its way out.  it only grew to blur my vision and piss me off.  i tried to stick around, but after they saw how worthless i was on the sales floor, i think i scared customers away (oops), they told me to head home.  

at home, i crawled into a ball in my bed, ate a couple of saltines, and cracked open a nice cold one.  ah thank you Canada Dry.  i got home at roughly 10:30 and i finally feel alright.  i don’t know if it’s the weather or stress or hormones or a combination of these things, whatever it is, i hate it.

now that i feel better, i should get productive.  maybe i’ll venture to cranston and look for pads for derby.


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