tivo is socialism

according to the Steven Colbert episode with Wilco anyway.  It was a fun interview w/Jeff Tweedy and he put together a very Wilco-y tune just for the show.  It originally aired on October 30 but I didn’t watch until tonight.  Well worth the 22 minutes I spent on it =).

I haven’t posted much the past couple of days, but I’ve been busy catching up on Tivo, and reading… yeah people still do that, amazing stuff, reading.  i’m still working on American Elf by James Kolchaka and it’s great.  so refreshing to see that the silly everyday things that i deal with (trying to be sober when I’m clearly drunk, dreading personal meetings or travels, putting off cleaning up the cat’s hairballs) are the same things that other people deal with.  here are some links that have caught my interest since the election:

Why it’s a good idea to appeal the passing of Prop 8

it’s rudimentary discrimination, and reminiscent of the 5/3 law…

Obama’s economic plan reminds even Canadians of Ronald Reagan

I especially like their dollar to dollar comparison of McCain’s plan to Obama’s.

This link is one of astronomical proportions… Truly amazing

The file is huge, but it’s gorgeous and somewhat unbelievable, for me anyways. (that’s what she said)

This graphic is a little overwhelming at first but I like the way it’s organized.

I saw a link to this trailer for Up Pixar’s latest movie on PopCandy this week.

I also got in a run before it got dark.  I didn’t think I’d be running in the cold, in fact my chest was burning near the end, but it felt good.

 View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com

last but not least…. Science is cool

it’s wing night at trinity brew house, for only $2.00 i’m going to get 10 delicious wings


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