in more ways than one i feel totally defeated tonight.
1) 3 of the 5 people that bowled tonight kicked my ass! us bottom feeders, well two of us, certainly didn’t care about what was happening, at least near the end, and with two, yes TWO strikes, i still failed to even compete for the third spot.
2) my main pleasure center is lacking, and … well that just sucks…
3) i have to go to work tomorrow, both jobs, and that is enough to put anyone in a bad mood.
4) i’m not sure what 4 is yet, but it sucks.

add to that it’s Wednesday not BLT Thursday and I don’t know what i’ll bring for lunch… i think i’m defaulting to progresso soups with buttered bread… unimaginative and boring, but it might taste alright

oh and all i have left on netflix, thanks to lousy postal holidays, is 1 disc of Colbert: best of… it better be good… =\ i’m in no mood to be disappointed.


One Response to “defeated”

  1. kris Says:

    we should be netflix buddies. that way you can get ideas for new stuff to watch. and progresso sounds warm on a cold night. also, you don’t get to be sad about being a bad bowler, because nobody gives a shit about bowling. so, chin up and remember that there are people out there that wish they could be hanging out with you right now.

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