token likes to lick the plate

it’s been a long day.  the grilled cheese sandwich with deli turkey and bacon was just what the doctor ordered, in a manner of speaking.  now, as the token black cat cleans my plate, i’m reflecting on the day that sped by me.  work in the morning, a short break to come home and feed the cat, then back to work.  sleep won’t come soon enough.  

but i read a lot today, or skimmed quite a few articles at work, but since i just bowled the other night, i found this one quite touching… check this out, he spent 45 YEARS on the same bowling team for Nutt Farms, and the guy was only sixty-two, that’s true dedication.

ps to the bowling idea – a little birdie told me there’s $8 all you can eat + bowling on sundays… i have yet to confirm, but this is something i will definitely be looking into.

in politics:

** we can’t seem to get enough of miss palin.  i half agree with jack cafferty’s take on the situation but i think i most agree with “Elizabeth” and “Tom”

** and about another interview with Ms. Palin, she’s never avoided the questions before, why should she start now?

** the president elect is human, crazy right?, he collects things his daughters are just as ambitious as him.  there were a lot of these quips that i was familiar with, even that he’s a south paw, but maybe someone has a conan the barbarian comic that could spark his interest???

there were also some shopping i started to do and some neat little science stories i perused, but … those links will have to wait for another day.  i’m sleepy, goodnight.


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