weekend’s here, finally

I’ve been fighting of a lot of small sneezes and some slight congestion, in turn I’ve been pretty exhausted.  I stayed in on Friday and Saturday night and left Amy’s Thursday night birthday fun early.  I was planning on going to the Providence College vs Northwestern basketball game with some friends after work on Saturday, but I was too tired, so I went home and ate leftovers instead.  I started to watch Superman, but was lured away by the graphic novel, Watchmen.  

Today I have to get my house rearranged for my new furniture, pick up my new furniture, do laundry, get to Cranston to buy equipment… I have a lot to do, but first I am figuring out how to rearrange.  Since I’m on the interweb and haven’t touched the blog for a couple of days, I thought I’d update.  

… I got distracted there in the middle and did some maneuvering.  I need some big strong men and women to help me get my things to the basement. =)  Now calling all volunteers, prizes available to the most helpful!  These prizes could be one of the following: an upgrade to your Christmastime present(s), beer from my fridge, dinner with yours truly, a CAT (slightly used).  So sign up now, I need you!

In the meantime, help yourself and peruse the attached links:

I am a fan of notebooks and as much as I love me some college ruled paper, my heart is still with graph paper and the little squares it possesses.  Thus I was happy to see doane paper featured on a blog I frequent, not martha.  I am still on the lookout for a spiral bound, graph paper pad.

There are some food-related posts that I saw on Discover.  I’m from Indiana, and if you’ve spent any time there in the summer, you too know “There’s more than corn in Indiana…”  Truly they are lying to you, because if you’ve been to Indiana Beach, I’m more than certain you’ve been just as disappointed.  Anymore it sounds like there’s not much more than corn in fast-food-America.  In the case of many youngsters, hell, many professionals too, there is such a high dependency on the convenient foods that we find surrounding us.  These foods are often fattening and high in man-made sugars.  Today’s kids, as a generalization, are not very healthy.  “…52 of the participants had artery walls as thick as those of an average 45-year-old, indicating that fatty plaques have built up on the inside of the arteries…”  Eww.

Since I’ve started writing on wordpress, I’ve had an opportunity to look around and see what other people are writing about and how they format the things they do.  I have started keeping tabs on a Mormon bi-sexual’s dealings with her life.  She’s got a good writing style and it’s easy to connect to her story of conflicts.  Check it out, http://aseriesofsmallfailures.wordpress.com/.  

Finally, a super-cute video from a France.  There are subtitles because it’s in French, but this girl’s story telling is great and might even be the next Mother Goose.  Check it out.

p.s. this is my cat.


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