catching up

This post will more than likely turn out to be a long one, so I’m tunin up my Pandora and going to trudge through my google reader and share as much as I deem worthy to share.  To aid in navigation, I’ll do what I can to categorize and maybe I’ll even find space to tell y’all about my week.


*  I’ve been checking out Josh Spears, and I like a lot of his links, this one particularly hit me.  I want a new coat, I don’t need a new coat, but these are too cute!  I’ll hold out for now to buy one, but when I finally have the cash to blow, I will remember this site: Jules Elin via Josh Spears.  My faves: the Jessica and the Soley.

*  I’ve wanted galoshes for a while, and with the snow on its way, now’s as good of time as any to invest.  ReubenMiller’s blog introduced me to MoovBoots.  I especially like The Alice.  

*  It’s a BRO.  They’re much more feminine that I’d expected.


*  This particular chandelier has popped up on a couple of the feeds I subscribe to:  Modulair.  While the concept is pretty cool, I think they’re hideous.  Perfect for a kid’s playroom, but otherwise tacky.  It warrants Kudos for concept though.  Designed by Rodrigo Alonso, you can check out some of his other designs within his website.  I particularly like:  blightster, selk-bag, and his jewelry is conceptually genius.

*  I should invest in this for my Kilt-wearing guests: chair.

*  They work the same as a regular bulb, but they look way cooler; light bulbs.


*  For the mac owner on your Christmas list: FOOF!  I want a MacBook but, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so, instead I will celebrate the ownership of others’ MacBooks.  I personally like nami aka, chocolate and tsunami.  So when I finally do go Mac, that’s where you can shop for me =).


*  Disgusting


*  MIA / BLAQSTARR way down in the hole *  PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED rise

*  You’re a Pepper, I’m a Pepper.  If you like Dr. Pepper, don’t miss out on your free can!  If you don’t like Dr. Pepper, you’re probably a communist.

T.V. and Movies

*  I like the Daily Show, it’s just that it’s toture to watch after digesting episodes of the faster paced Colbert Report.  Scroll down in this article for a day in the life of The Daily Show as illustrated by the NYT. *  If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know I’m reading Watchmen, a celebrated graphic novel.  I’m just starting chapter IX and even though I hadn’t read as much when I saw the latest preview, and I recognized quite a few of the scenes.  They’re doing a really great job bringing the novel to life.

*  Information on the ‘Arrested Development’ movie.

The Web

*  Why didn’t I think of this??!!  This guy named Jason is selling each day of the year 2009 to whoever wants to buy it, in exchange he’ll advertise your business or anything you’d like him to for that matter by wearing a shirt you supply in size XL.  If he successfully sells everyday of the year, he’ll earn $6,679.  That’s substantial pocket change.  

*  Thanks for getting me hooked, has whatever music video you’re looking for.  I haven’t watched too many, but it looks like the censored for T.V.  OH GOODIE – they even have videos from VH1’s Pop-Up Video. =)

*  This has got to be one of the FUNNIEST THINGS I have ever seen.  I only wish I could draw a spider as well this man.  And capitalize on it: SOLD!

*  I’m not into this whole vampire craze, but this is awesome.  Someone bought an old Vampire-Killing-Kit online.

*  Aye pirates!  Now you’ll never lose track of them.


*  I realize Americans take a lot for granted, but here’s something to add to the list.  The right to practice the exercise regimen of their preference.  Malaysia’s top Islamic body has ruled that Muslims are not allowed to practice Yoga.  I’m not an avid Yoga-er but I enjoy the stretching and relaxation techniques that it provides.  I simply don’t understand how anyone can have such blind faith to be okay with a ruling like this.  I just don’t get it.


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  1. Bob Says:

    This site is the most wicked cool site. I too have just found Pandora and loving every bit of it. What’s going on for this weekend?

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