i don’t watch tv, i watch tivo

I didn’t watch too much t.v. throughout this week, even on Tivo, I ended up saving it for today.  I watched Bones, Criminal Minds, an old episode of House, The Daily Show (the interview with David Foster (Foster vs. Nixon) was great, and Jon was on when he had Papa Bear on), and now I’m watching some of the 2-hour 24 special (whatever I can stay up for).  I hope for Fox’s sake and original 24 viewers that it can revive itself.  We all know that the plot has been lacking the past couple of seasons.  This season takes place in Africa and Jack’s trying to save the kids from becoming cold-blooded murderers, how noble!  The guy from ’28 Weeks Later’ is the headmaster of a boys school of orphans that in the first hour was taken over by recruiters of Sengala’s army.

As soon as I complete this show, I want to watch Colbert’s Christmas Special, but I think I’ll hold off on that viewing until Thanksgiving, it’s still too early to get into the spirit fully.  I have to admit though, I’m starting to get into the spirit.  I made Pumpkin Bread the other day and it smelled like Thanksgiving.  My first taste I was a little weary, but I like it.  I’ll take a loaf to work tomorrow, and get some additional opinions.  I have some batter left that I think I’ll add some chocolate chips to, can only improve it, right?  

This post is a little scattered because I’m watching 24 with the plot pulling in a couple of directions, and I actually like it.

I feel like I’m still fighting some kind of cold, not as much with the sneezing, but my throat feels pretty scratchy today and the hot tea isn’t very soothing =/.  I stayed in on Friday and Saturday night and didn’t leave the house today.  On a more exciting note, I made shaved steak sandwiches and had the honor of sharing them with a friend.  Another exciting piece of news is that I might be getting a dog.  I will meet her this week and see how we mesh.  She’s about 4 years old and I think it’ll be good for Tok-tok to have a buddy.

meh, it’s getting late, so I’ll sign off for now, and hopefully do a better job this week keeping up with my reader links and personal updates. nighty, night…


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