a night in cranston

I got a call when I was almost home that my friend was at the Ford Dealership in Cranston.  By the time I got to the dealership, she had about an hour and a half to two hours until they would be finished with her car.  So we went to dinner.  She’s not familiar with the area so it was up to me to choose the dinner spot.  I chose Pei Wei, near REI and Ted’s Montana Grill, but it’s no longer there.  Instead we went to Panera, down the road.

Pretty delicious.  We both got the tortilla soup and I had a half of sandwich to round off the meal.  YUM!

Now, I’m home.  I just finished the rest of the 24 episode.  The end was the best part, where we got a glimpse of what’s to come.  24’s new season will include Chloe (she’s a mom), Tony (I thought he was dead), and Jack in a suit.  It will have it’s place in my Tivo queue.  At least for a while.

CSI is what I’m getting into now.  A lot seems to have happened since I last watched it.  The romance between Grissom and Sarah is dissolving.  And now that Warrick is no longer on the team (I think he died), the old squint is in the field and there’s a young blond out in the field with Greg.  This episode, Leave Out All The Rest, is from a couple of weeks ago, with an appearance by Lady Heather and a lot of sexual references.  If you’ve caught any of the CSI episodes with Lady Heather, she’s consulted when there’s plot tangled with S & M or less than usual sexual themes.  Since this show takes place in Las Vegas, they consult Lady Heather often.  This episode involves ‘needle play.’

finally… Threadless, a great t-shirt place that is based in Chicago is running a $5 sale.  So many shirts for only $5 apiece.


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