weekend in rhode island

Sorry that I haven’t been great about posting for the past week due to an excess of work and the daunting task of preparing for out of town guests.  Now that they’ve gone, I can get back to my loving readers ;).

Since my last post, I worked on Monday night at the Crate, cleaned up my place on Tuesday night for the guests and spent some time with the Andersons on Wednesday night.  My friends arrived from Indianapolis arrived during the workday on Thursday to visit me over the weekend.  The weekend was a lot of fun, but I think I might be coming down with a little cold; I have a sore throat today.   

Thursday we went out to the Red Fez for a snack and a drink, however I was disappointed that their drink, Pasilla Queen of the Desert, is seasonally out of season, but they’re featuring another drink with the pasilla chili infused syrup, not quite as tasty though.  After that, we walked over to AS220 for a beer, and got a dramatic show from a wasted patron.  Friday there was a lot of work to do so I couldn’t get out of the office, so I let the out-of-towners use my car while I took care of bid-ness, figuratively of course.  They took a trip to Plymouth Rock in MA and saw some historic sites.  When we got home, I got to see their photos =).  Check them out on Facebook, if you get a chance.

That night, we made plans to attend the Brown University, Grad Student Winter Ball, and my ladies were so pretty.  We prepped here at my apartment and then headed off to a pre-dance cocktail party at a friend’s house on the East Side of Providence.  It was a first-rate gathering with great people, cheese, wine, and delicious homemade baked goods.  I want the recipe for those ginger cookies too; you know who you are ;).  After the wine and cheese, and handfuls of M&Ms, we went to the dance.  It wasn’t very long, but that was good for us because I was able to show the girls a couple of other hot spots.  We started at Local 121.  There was a DJ and the music wasn’t too exciting, but we didn’t pay too much attention because we were busy avoiding an annoying drunkard.  I eventually caught the bartender’s attention and he noticed that the sot was bothering us.  He had the bouncer take the slosh out of the bar after asking him to leave us alone a couple of times, and once he was gone, the bar treated us to a round.  It was a pleasant surprise in a somewhat unusual evening.  We ended the night at Viva, back on the East Side, and were only there for around a half hour.  Hopeful for some Taco Bell, we drove to the one down my street, only to find it closed.  Too bad, we came home and ate tortilla chips and salsa.

Saturday we lazed around for the morning and made our way down to Newport around noon.  We took a detour to Greenvale Vineyard on our way down and participated in a wine tasting.  I was unaware of how many vineyards are in the area.  There are at least six are in the area and I think I found a new hobby for next spring/summer.  Is there anyone who would like to join me in visiting the vineyards?

We had a late dinner after our return to Providence and a nap.  We went to Marchetti’s in Cranston, and it was very tasty.  The dinner was tasty, incredibly inexpensive, and the portions were HUGE!  The four of us ordered two entrees and each of us ordered a beer, the bill was less than $50 including the tip.  I have half of the lasagna left and half of the order of penne with meatballs in my fridge too.  I took them to one last hot spot, Hot Club, and we had some unforgettable conversation.  We wanted to go to the movie theatre, but it was too late to see any of the movies we wanted by the time we were done with dinner.  Instead, we did something none of us had ever done before; we rented a movie from redbox.  I don’t recommend anyone watch Get Smart.  The movie was very piecy.  They filmed the little quips very well and the humor was entertaining, it’s my opinion that it should have been a mini-series instead, because putting all the comedic sketches together in the movie wasn’t cohesive or entertaining.  I maybe made it through half of the movie, but my guests didn’t make it past the opening sequence.

Today was lazy, but I managed to return the movie in time and get some grocery shopping done.  I caught up on my CSI, Boston Legal, American Dad and NCIS episodes and I even completed a blog entry.  I’ll add another post with some links shortly.

xo, mo


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