milk… a rant

So, while I wanted to go and see the movie Milk tonight, I have no motivation to drive 35 miles or an hour away since I work all day tomorrow.  It would wipe me out.  I will have to set aside a night specifically to make this trip and now that I’m practicing with Derby, it could be tricky.

As for what the night holds, I was invited to a couple of parties.  The challenge is getting out of my house and driving to the other side of town to make an appearance.  If I make it out of the house tonight, I’ll stop by a Wine & Cheese Party, otherwise I will clean like a fiend and wrap up the White Elephant gift for tomorrow night’s party.  It’s only 9 o’clock, anything goes.


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One Response to “milk… a rant”

  1. harper kcozam Says:

    i’m hoping to see milk with g in the castro this week. yay san fran!

    35 miles is a loooong way to go for a movie. of course, i’ve flown from chi to san fran. ..but not just for the movie (:

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