life’s tough

watching a movie tonight, lars & the real girl.  it’s napoleon dynamite grown up; less funny, but same awkward presence.  think over-sized moon boots only more lumberjack and looking for the meaning of growing up.  

it’s incredibly sweet and sad and funny in spots.  

this week’s been packed so far, monday night crate, tuesday night derby, and tonight, with every intention to derby, i ended up at tortilla flats w/leigh and made it home in time to make a cd for a friend and watch this movie.

lars is currently giving a teddy bear cpr to cheer up a coworker that he used to be too shy to talk to.  too cute.  as much as i hate being girly and admitting it, can’t deny the cute factor there.

i haven’t read much of the reader lately, so no links now, except for a friend sent me this cute game from the current even page:  game!


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