it’s almost christmas

Tonight I’m baking cookies and watching movies.  I’m drinking a Hot Toddy and have a pot-pie in the oven.  Nothing too exciting, but the low-key day was welcome.  

While I’m sure there’s plenty of bad news out there, here are some feel-good stories that should cheer anyone up.  Although she was buried in snow for three (3) days, she was found alive and lucid!  The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) is tracking Santa!  And who doesn’t love Thor, I especially love him because one of my all time favorite growing-up movies was Adventures in Babysitting.  Although Alan Hoffman introduced me to Rush back at Purdue, Stephen Colbert reintroduced me this past year, and thus it’s hard to pass up a link to a 13-year-old girl sharing her sweet drum skills to YYZ.  

Pot-pie is ready, so I’ll share more later.  Cheers and I hope Santa brings you everything you want this holiday season…

UPDATE:  Holiday Fail! LOVE IT


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