milk… a rave

so, milk’s now in 3 theaters that are within my acceptable driving range, and i didn’t even have to hassle with the mall to watch. unfortunately the movie includes a scene where they are eating Chinese takeout straight from the boxes… and if that doesn’t make you crave some Chinese Food, nothing will. Hell, if you know me you know how much I love me some Taco Bell and I passed TWO tonight without even flinching, there’s something about Chinese takeout that just pulls a girl towards it. So I have since ordered my orange chicken and will savor every bite as I watch some James Bond. YIPPEEEEE; oh and let me just say, seeing Franco in something other than Spiderman or Freaks & Geeks was a little weird, he was very good.


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One Response to “milk… a rave”

  1. sillyrenditions Says:

    I love chinese food! Especailly buffets, I can’t get enough of that orange chicken haha

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