last wednesday in january 09

I’m in pajamas and about to go to a bar… without changing.  Providence Roller Derby is having their paJammer party at the Scurvy Dog, starts now, 9PM, so I’ll arrive fashionable and fashionably late.

I’m paying attention (somewhat) to the PC / Syracuse game, and while I don’t tend to follow the Big East, they’re a force to be reckoned with this college basketball season!  I mean I’m actually looking forward to going to one of the PC basketball games this season.

In other sports news… let’s talk about the Australian Open, it’s HOT down there!  Even though she was struggling something fierce, Serena pulled out the win!  What an effing amazing athlete!  …and in about 6 hours, Roddick/Federer.  I wish I had me some cable TV right about now.  I wonder if it’ll be online.  I’ll check on that when I get home from the bar, but if you know, don’t hold out on me now!

I better get out of here and get a couple free drinks in before it’s too late.  Work tomorrow will be a struggle with both jobs pulling at my strings…


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