What do YOU think about this?  I think it’s interesting.  I think it’s a shame because we (the USA) are known as the country of the free.   The hypocrisy of book burning is resounding in this new Amazon Policy.  

Check out the LA Times blog here: Jacket Copy.

You know what they say though, bad press is good press.  It just sucks because I feel obligated to boycott.  Grr.  Hiss.  Boo…


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2 Responses to “questionable.”

  1. Homo Homini Lupus Says:

    Censura y correción moralista en…

    Leía en The Daily Dish que los rankings de han sido atacados por los grupos de correción política estadounidense.  Estos grupos moralistas de extrema derecha conservadora se han encargado de asesinar, atacar, estigmatizar y demonizar a millo…

  2. Ana Pires Says:

    It’s definitely the hot topic of the day. Let’s hope they have a good explanation and go back on what they did. I don’t want to boycott either, I’ve had great experiences with Amazon. But then again, I don’t want to help finance a company like that either.

    Let’s just wait for their response to this e-riot that took place today. x3

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