I’m a twenty-something who left the big city of Chicago to work in a suburb of Providence.  I haven’t found where my passion lies exactly, but I’m working on it.  

I also work a part-time job at Crate & Barrel that I originally took so I could meet new people.  I’ve met the new people, but somehow the job has kept me in its clutches.

I’ve recently started to practice with the Providence Roller Derby, and hope to be on a team by early next spring.

When I’m not working or practicing, I like to read, love music and enjoy kicking back with a good movie.  I like trying new restaurants and recipes for dinner and even baking now and then.  I’ve been a math-geek and science nut for as long as I can remember and new technology fascinates me.  I recently ran my first 1/2 Marathon and it was a lot of fun.  I intend to run my second race in May.

So with so many interests pulling me in so many directions, it’s hard to maintain focus for too long, but simultaneously I’m hardly bored.  

Thanks for stopping by, stay as long as you’d like, and keep in touch.


One Response to “About”

  1. Vineet Nigel Chhabra Says:

    Roller Derby eh…

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