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a week of resolution.

April 11, 2009

I, mo, do hereby resolve to do the following this week:

1) Select my roller derby name.

I’m narrowed down at this point to “Black Eyed Abby,” “Jenna Tonic,” and “Little Miss Stunshine.”  Black Eyed Abby was originally Blackeyed Bea, but after more thought, and an interest in using the initials exclusively at times, I pulled it apart.  See, now even the initials spell out B… sweet!  Then Jenna Tonic, well, I’m also really into the incorporation of a real first name in the Derby Name, i.e. Maul E. Crue (Molly) and Alice Rumbledore.  Just cute all around.  Finally, thanks to my generally sunny disposition, I got the suggestion for Stunshine from a friend over drinks.  She thought it needed to be a little more rough around the edges so we went from Sunny or Sunshine to Stunshine and then it all fell into place.

2) Attend all three roller derby practices this week.

I will not let work get in the way of my fun.  I need the money from picking up all those extra shifts, but missing all of these practices has really pulled down my mood.  I didn’t realize how much it would effect me to miss the practices, so here it is.  I will go to all three practices this week.

3) Post photos of the delicious chocolates that A & M got me whilst they were in Florida.

I’ve had two of the 12 chocolates and they have been great so far.  “Florida Orange” was so delicious with a white-chocolate-orange-infused center wrapped in milk chocolate.  Then today the “Cinnamon Roll” was buttery-cinnamonny goodness inside a milk chocolate shell.  YUM!  It’s taking me some time to really enjoy these masterpieces because everytime I get home I seem to be starving and I want to appreciate these flavors instead of scarfing them down.  So… the delay has occurred.  I am here, now, committing to chronicling the flavors this week though.  I want to make sure I taste the chocolates before they are past their prime.

4) Sort out my schedule to allow for a second part-time job.  

I got the call today from Seven Stars and they’ve decided to hire me to work part time at their Hope Street location.  I anticipate starting the 20th, but they might wait to put me through the orientation after I get back from Florida, the 29th and 30th.

5) Finish Everything Is More by David Foster Wallace.

It’s a hurdle, but a very interesting and well written hurdle.  I have been reading the book for about 2 and a half weeks now and I’m not quite finished.  Now that I’m done with the first season of The Wire I think I’ll have a little more free time.  That’s at least until the first disc of the second season arrives.

6) Go bowling on Monday night.

It’s been too long and I’ve got a craving, plus it’s less expensive on Mondays and I’m on a budget!  The facebook email invitation has been sent, we’ll see how the schedules align.

7) Pack at least 5 boxes of stuff for moving purposes (if I throw out the equivalent of 5 boxes of stuff, that’s fine too.)

I am meeting a potential roommate tonight, so if all goes well, we’ll have a new place by the beginning of May!  *Fingers Crossed*


token likes to lick the plate

November 12, 2008

it’s been a long day.  the grilled cheese sandwich with deli turkey and bacon was just what the doctor ordered, in a manner of speaking.  now, as the token black cat cleans my plate, i’m reflecting on the day that sped by me.  work in the morning, a short break to come home and feed the cat, then back to work.  sleep won’t come soon enough.  

but i read a lot today, or skimmed quite a few articles at work, but since i just bowled the other night, i found this one quite touching… check this out, he spent 45 YEARS on the same bowling team for Nutt Farms, and the guy was only sixty-two, that’s true dedication.

ps to the bowling idea – a little birdie told me there’s $8 all you can eat + bowling on sundays… i have yet to confirm, but this is something i will definitely be looking into.

in politics:

** we can’t seem to get enough of miss palin.  i half agree with jack cafferty’s take on the situation but i think i most agree with “Elizabeth” and “Tom”

** and about another interview with Ms. Palin, she’s never avoided the questions before, why should she start now?

** the president elect is human, crazy right?, he collects things his daughters are just as ambitious as him.  there were a lot of these quips that i was familiar with, even that he’s a south paw, but maybe someone has a conan the barbarian comic that could spark his interest???

there were also some shopping i started to do and some neat little science stories i perused, but … those links will have to wait for another day.  i’m sleepy, goodnight.