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April 12, 2009

What do YOU think about this?  I think it’s interesting.  I think it’s a shame because we (the USA) are known as the country of the free.   The hypocrisy of book burning is resounding in this new Amazon Policy.  

Check out the LA Times blog here: Jacket Copy.

You know what they say though, bad press is good press.  It just sucks because I feel obligated to boycott.  Grr.  Hiss.  Boo…


another deed, another day

March 19, 2009

i’m drinking a beer and winding down another day.  today was full of reading, volunteering, watching, searching and thinking.  certainly a full day.

mmm. beer (it’s really hitting the spot tonight).  

i finished Kiss Me Judas (KMJ) today at the coffee shop.  i only got it yesterday so i was surprised to finish so quickly, but it was a good one.  along with KMJ i picked up a book that thinks i’ll like – 12 things that don’t make sense.  while there i also picked up a book by david foster wallace, the title escapes me right now, but the excerpts of his that i’ve read have been solid, so i’m looking forward to starting it.  

this afternoon i spent some time getting acquainted with a new project – volunteering.  i got my hands dirty at The Steel Yard, helping clean up the site and their foundry building for an event they’re hosting tomorrow.  it was a great introduction to the site and with all of the construction they’re doing at their site, i might prove to be a valuable asset to their team.

after the volunteering gig, i took a break and started watching Weeds on Netflix.   i was a cautious viewer because i’ve heard quite a bit of hype around the series.  i like it though.  and i’ve already been warned the 4th season turns to crap, but… so far, 4 episodes into it, it’s a good show.  i’m looking forward to starting The Wire this weekend too, should have disc one of season one on Saturday.

the roommate search continues.  i am still looking to move closer to downtown and i’d like to pay less than $500 if that’s possible.  soooo…. if anyone knows anyone looking for a place near providence, or if you know someone that has an extra room to spare and that person doesn’t hate and/or is not deathly allergic to cats, PLEASE, let me know.  i’m also looking for some full-time employment.  not an easy thing to do in this economy.  i’ve been in increased contact with some of my college peers and the economy is rough on a lot of industries right now, but especially construction.  it’s challenging to stay positive, but most days, i can swing it.

all in all, there’s a lot to think about.  it’s a new challenge in my life.

in other news, miller lite tastes so good some days.  this is one of those days.  if only i had more of it; i’m finishing the last one.  it went deliciously with the curry that i made tonight.  i put the sauce with some ‘fiesta veggies’ and chickpeas and it turned out great.

tomorrow will come to early, helping set-up the site at The Steel Yard for the Senator’s visit.

good night.

my new t-shirts.

January 20, 2009

When the weather is a little cooler, I’ll wear this one.

If the sun’s feeling frisky, I’ll break this one out.

Breaking News – Bush Dies

January 20, 2009

In breaking news, President Bush died peacefully in his sleep last night.

single serving site of the day.

January 20, 2009


January 7, 2009

some links i found entertaining.  enjoy:

things i want:

…a surprise ball;  just to be surprised, the good surprises aren’t as frequent as they used to be, chalk it up to experience.

this cuff is HOT; science and silver, music to my ears

cuz these knock-offs are so bad… i’d take any of ’em =)

sites i dig:

news to me:

2009 predictions, actually quite scary.

gotta love their marketing campaign, i mean, what ever happened to “be like mike” or even this (NSFW)

…we don’t have to agree, Pope, shall we agree to disagree?  i don’t consider heterosexuals an endangered species, but ‘eh, he has his right to an opinion

she lived a full life, what a strong, beautiful woman, Eartha Kitt passed away on Christmas Day


no shit, if i had cocaine, i’d be dancing too.  silly bees

what so many consider fundamental, numbers, are vague descriptions and not defined by words in an Amazonian Tribe

i had no idea so many new species are found so frequently, and one cannot forget about Aptostichus stephencolberti

intelligent design by design should provide intelligent thought and logical argument, right?  maybe not.  this article outlines some basic evolutionary concepts and refutes some of the creationist “logic” behind intelligent design.  very respectful and educated response to over 60 letters from Tennessee

what i’m watching:

tracey morgan cracks me up.  even on network t.v.

SPORTZ  from the lonely island.

…since i’ve gotten rid of the cable, my t.v. and movie intake is limited to the computer and my netflix while i’m home.  thank you HULU!  i can watch ghostbusters and arrested development in the same sitting at the same website.

what i’m listening to:

if you’ve read some of my other posts, you know i’m all about a good mash-up, and i like radiohead quite a bit too…check out jaydiohead

o…saya from the slumdog millionaire soundtrack

the logic don’t make sense, mmmkay

December 10, 2008

Maybe you understand where Mike Huckabee is coming from, but his logic does not compute in my little noggin.  I saw his interview last night on The Daily Show, and alluded to it in my post last night, but I had to watch it again to see if I was missing something, but alas, while I can understand that this can be an argument of semantics, the actual argument beyond those words is void in my opinion.  Check out the interview.  If you, like me, detest that this has become an argument about the “definition” of the word “marriage,” and you, like me, are a little irritated that it’s become a religious argument rather than a legal argument, you’re obviously not the only one.  While I was at the doctor’s office yesterday, I had the pleasure of reading this week’s Newsweek.  The cover article addresses the background of the Biblical side of the argument but brings to light the examples that the “right-wing” is hesitant to address.  Check out the article, it’s called “Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy.”  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Christmas is Coming; Truly

December 9, 2008

Typically, when I think of Christmas, I think of Happiness, Cheer, and all kinds of positive adjectives to describe the holiday season.

However, no one would ever suspect it was Christmastime with all of the bad news on the wire right now.

In science, Vitamin C might not have any impact on cancer and instead of the disease diminishing, experts think that cancer deaths will double by the year 2030.  

In politics, not that we didn’t know it already, but Chicago is friggin corrupt.  I moved from one corrupt city, Chicago, to another, Providence.  The governor of Illinois, Blagojevich, just got busted for among other things, trying to *sell* Senate Seat that President Elect Obama has left open.  And he’s even made it to the big leagues, NIGHTLINE.  Ah, corruption, the public loves them some corruption.

In technology, Apple is looking at marketing a product similar to their iPhone at WalMart.  It’s slated to cost only $99, and have a 4G capacity.  The smallest phone they currently sell is 8G.  While it seems like a great idea getting the product to the masses, this venture could reduce Apple’s per-share value $0.27.  While there are days that I would like to own an iPhone, the whole idea of it seems a little over the top to me.  I mean, we use phones to call people, right?  But the iPhone is a super-phone, with heroic powers.  It’s just too much for me to bear.

* EDIT: I’m watching The Daily Show, and is it just me or has Mike Huckabee put on some pounds?  Maybe I didn’t notice because he’s got a slim face.

token likes to lick the plate

November 12, 2008

it’s been a long day.  the grilled cheese sandwich with deli turkey and bacon was just what the doctor ordered, in a manner of speaking.  now, as the token black cat cleans my plate, i’m reflecting on the day that sped by me.  work in the morning, a short break to come home and feed the cat, then back to work.  sleep won’t come soon enough.  

but i read a lot today, or skimmed quite a few articles at work, but since i just bowled the other night, i found this one quite touching… check this out, he spent 45 YEARS on the same bowling team for Nutt Farms, and the guy was only sixty-two, that’s true dedication.

ps to the bowling idea – a little birdie told me there’s $8 all you can eat + bowling on sundays… i have yet to confirm, but this is something i will definitely be looking into.

in politics:

** we can’t seem to get enough of miss palin.  i half agree with jack cafferty’s take on the situation but i think i most agree with “Elizabeth” and “Tom”

** and about another interview with Ms. Palin, she’s never avoided the questions before, why should she start now?

** the president elect is human, crazy right?, he collects things his daughters are just as ambitious as him.  there were a lot of these quips that i was familiar with, even that he’s a south paw, but maybe someone has a conan the barbarian comic that could spark his interest???

there were also some shopping i started to do and some neat little science stories i perused, but … those links will have to wait for another day.  i’m sleepy, goodnight.

speech! speech! speech!

November 5, 2008

McCain’s concession speech was very gracious and save his audience I was very impressed.  

Obama’s speech led me to ask questions.  Questions like:

What kind of puppy will they get?  Any suggestions?

How is Obama’s victory a victory of the people, but McCain’s failure completely his own?

Why is Jesse Jackson so miserable?

Didn’t he win already, does he need to keep repeating “Yes We Can?”  It’s a catchy phrase and I do appreciate the touching story, but to me, it’s tired.  He knows what he’s doing though, so I’ll let him unite the masses and I’ll just keep it to myself, or at least to this little blog.  

Oh, and when did he earn this folksy accent?  Maybe I never noticed it, but well, I never noticed it until tonight.

 What is with these people wearing insanely yellow dresses?  Maybe Jill Biden and Cindy McCain can get dinner this week and talk about yellow dresses and how they’ll start the next trend.  Yellow is this season’s Black?

On a side note it was nice to hear John McCain refer to Joe Biden as ‘my old friend, Joe Biden’ in his speech, it was a reminder of the SNL spoof of the VP debate.