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a week of resolution.

April 11, 2009

I, mo, do hereby resolve to do the following this week:

1) Select my roller derby name.

I’m narrowed down at this point to “Black Eyed Abby,” “Jenna Tonic,” and “Little Miss Stunshine.”  Black Eyed Abby was originally Blackeyed Bea, but after more thought, and an interest in using the initials exclusively at times, I pulled it apart.  See, now even the initials spell out B… sweet!  Then Jenna Tonic, well, I’m also really into the incorporation of a real first name in the Derby Name, i.e. Maul E. Crue (Molly) and Alice Rumbledore.  Just cute all around.  Finally, thanks to my generally sunny disposition, I got the suggestion for Stunshine from a friend over drinks.  She thought it needed to be a little more rough around the edges so we went from Sunny or Sunshine to Stunshine and then it all fell into place.

2) Attend all three roller derby practices this week.

I will not let work get in the way of my fun.  I need the money from picking up all those extra shifts, but missing all of these practices has really pulled down my mood.  I didn’t realize how much it would effect me to miss the practices, so here it is.  I will go to all three practices this week.

3) Post photos of the delicious chocolates that A & M got me whilst they were in Florida.

I’ve had two of the 12 chocolates and they have been great so far.  “Florida Orange” was so delicious with a white-chocolate-orange-infused center wrapped in milk chocolate.  Then today the “Cinnamon Roll” was buttery-cinnamonny goodness inside a milk chocolate shell.  YUM!  It’s taking me some time to really enjoy these masterpieces because everytime I get home I seem to be starving and I want to appreciate these flavors instead of scarfing them down.  So… the delay has occurred.  I am here, now, committing to chronicling the flavors this week though.  I want to make sure I taste the chocolates before they are past their prime.

4) Sort out my schedule to allow for a second part-time job.  

I got the call today from Seven Stars and they’ve decided to hire me to work part time at their Hope Street location.  I anticipate starting the 20th, but they might wait to put me through the orientation after I get back from Florida, the 29th and 30th.

5) Finish Everything Is More by David Foster Wallace.

It’s a hurdle, but a very interesting and well written hurdle.  I have been reading the book for about 2 and a half weeks now and I’m not quite finished.  Now that I’m done with the first season of The Wire I think I’ll have a little more free time.  That’s at least until the first disc of the second season arrives.

6) Go bowling on Monday night.

It’s been too long and I’ve got a craving, plus it’s less expensive on Mondays and I’m on a budget!  The facebook email invitation has been sent, we’ll see how the schedules align.

7) Pack at least 5 boxes of stuff for moving purposes (if I throw out the equivalent of 5 boxes of stuff, that’s fine too.)

I am meeting a potential roommate tonight, so if all goes well, we’ll have a new place by the beginning of May!  *Fingers Crossed*


another deed, another day

March 19, 2009

i’m drinking a beer and winding down another day.  today was full of reading, volunteering, watching, searching and thinking.  certainly a full day.

mmm. beer (it’s really hitting the spot tonight).  

i finished Kiss Me Judas (KMJ) today at the coffee shop.  i only got it yesterday so i was surprised to finish so quickly, but it was a good one.  along with KMJ i picked up a book that thinks i’ll like – 12 things that don’t make sense.  while there i also picked up a book by david foster wallace, the title escapes me right now, but the excerpts of his that i’ve read have been solid, so i’m looking forward to starting it.  

this afternoon i spent some time getting acquainted with a new project – volunteering.  i got my hands dirty at The Steel Yard, helping clean up the site and their foundry building for an event they’re hosting tomorrow.  it was a great introduction to the site and with all of the construction they’re doing at their site, i might prove to be a valuable asset to their team.

after the volunteering gig, i took a break and started watching Weeds on Netflix.   i was a cautious viewer because i’ve heard quite a bit of hype around the series.  i like it though.  and i’ve already been warned the 4th season turns to crap, but… so far, 4 episodes into it, it’s a good show.  i’m looking forward to starting The Wire this weekend too, should have disc one of season one on Saturday.

the roommate search continues.  i am still looking to move closer to downtown and i’d like to pay less than $500 if that’s possible.  soooo…. if anyone knows anyone looking for a place near providence, or if you know someone that has an extra room to spare and that person doesn’t hate and/or is not deathly allergic to cats, PLEASE, let me know.  i’m also looking for some full-time employment.  not an easy thing to do in this economy.  i’ve been in increased contact with some of my college peers and the economy is rough on a lot of industries right now, but especially construction.  it’s challenging to stay positive, but most days, i can swing it.

all in all, there’s a lot to think about.  it’s a new challenge in my life.

in other news, miller lite tastes so good some days.  this is one of those days.  if only i had more of it; i’m finishing the last one.  it went deliciously with the curry that i made tonight.  i put the sauce with some ‘fiesta veggies’ and chickpeas and it turned out great.

tomorrow will come to early, helping set-up the site at The Steel Yard for the Senator’s visit.

good night.

hideous men

January 20, 2009

John Krasinski, the dreamy guy, Jim from the American version of The Office, aired his directorial debut this week at Sundance and it has gotten a lot of press.  From what I understand, while John was attending Brown University, he was involved in a one-run play that was a narrative of author David Foster Wallace, Brief Interviews With Hideous Men.  The book was so inspiring, even as a narrative of short stories, that he took to adapting it to a screenplay.  JK was even fortunate enough to get David’s personal blessing to proceed with the project.  More info through the link.  And at the link there’s even a quick snippet of the film for those of us who couldn’t make it to Sundance this year ;).

I have wanted to read some material from DFW, so maybe this will be my jumping off point.

roller derby

January 20, 2009

I’ve passed my first assessment (skating skills) and now I’ve started my contact practices with providence roller derby.  Within the next month, I hope to complete the contact assessment and be into scrimmage practice.  Then, after a bit of that business I’ll be able to test for the scrimmaging skills and be qualified to bout!  wooooooo hoooo.  

“But what’s your derby name?” you ask.  As soon as I pass my contact assessment, I’ll be eligible to choose a name and number.  I’ve done a lot of brainstorming and there have been quite a few suggestions thrown around by the girls in the league, but nothing’s really struck me yet.  Yet…

So, for the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking suggestions for my derby name and number.  I hope to hear from all of you who stop by and check things out.

xo, mo

milk… a rave

December 27, 2008

so, milk’s now in 3 theaters that are within my acceptable driving range, and i didn’t even have to hassle with the mall to watch. unfortunately the movie includes a scene where they are eating Chinese takeout straight from the boxes… and if that doesn’t make you crave some Chinese Food, nothing will. Hell, if you know me you know how much I love me some Taco Bell and I passed TWO tonight without even flinching, there’s something about Chinese takeout that just pulls a girl towards it. So I have since ordered my orange chicken and will savor every bite as I watch some James Bond. YIPPEEEEE; oh and let me just say, seeing Franco in something other than Spiderman or Freaks & Geeks was a little weird, he was very good.

Christmas is Coming; Truly

December 9, 2008

Typically, when I think of Christmas, I think of Happiness, Cheer, and all kinds of positive adjectives to describe the holiday season.

However, no one would ever suspect it was Christmastime with all of the bad news on the wire right now.

In science, Vitamin C might not have any impact on cancer and instead of the disease diminishing, experts think that cancer deaths will double by the year 2030.  

In politics, not that we didn’t know it already, but Chicago is friggin corrupt.  I moved from one corrupt city, Chicago, to another, Providence.  The governor of Illinois, Blagojevich, just got busted for among other things, trying to *sell* Senate Seat that President Elect Obama has left open.  And he’s even made it to the big leagues, NIGHTLINE.  Ah, corruption, the public loves them some corruption.

In technology, Apple is looking at marketing a product similar to their iPhone at WalMart.  It’s slated to cost only $99, and have a 4G capacity.  The smallest phone they currently sell is 8G.  While it seems like a great idea getting the product to the masses, this venture could reduce Apple’s per-share value $0.27.  While there are days that I would like to own an iPhone, the whole idea of it seems a little over the top to me.  I mean, we use phones to call people, right?  But the iPhone is a super-phone, with heroic powers.  It’s just too much for me to bear.

* EDIT: I’m watching The Daily Show, and is it just me or has Mike Huckabee put on some pounds?  Maybe I didn’t notice because he’s got a slim face.

weekend in rhode island

December 7, 2008

Sorry that I haven’t been great about posting for the past week due to an excess of work and the daunting task of preparing for out of town guests.  Now that they’ve gone, I can get back to my loving readers ;).

Since my last post, I worked on Monday night at the Crate, cleaned up my place on Tuesday night for the guests and spent some time with the Andersons on Wednesday night.  My friends arrived from Indianapolis arrived during the workday on Thursday to visit me over the weekend.  The weekend was a lot of fun, but I think I might be coming down with a little cold; I have a sore throat today.   

Thursday we went out to the Red Fez for a snack and a drink, however I was disappointed that their drink, Pasilla Queen of the Desert, is seasonally out of season, but they’re featuring another drink with the pasilla chili infused syrup, not quite as tasty though.  After that, we walked over to AS220 for a beer, and got a dramatic show from a wasted patron.  Friday there was a lot of work to do so I couldn’t get out of the office, so I let the out-of-towners use my car while I took care of bid-ness, figuratively of course.  They took a trip to Plymouth Rock in MA and saw some historic sites.  When we got home, I got to see their photos =).  Check them out on Facebook, if you get a chance.

That night, we made plans to attend the Brown University, Grad Student Winter Ball, and my ladies were so pretty.  We prepped here at my apartment and then headed off to a pre-dance cocktail party at a friend’s house on the East Side of Providence.  It was a first-rate gathering with great people, cheese, wine, and delicious homemade baked goods.  I want the recipe for those ginger cookies too; you know who you are ;).  After the wine and cheese, and handfuls of M&Ms, we went to the dance.  It wasn’t very long, but that was good for us because I was able to show the girls a couple of other hot spots.  We started at Local 121.  There was a DJ and the music wasn’t too exciting, but we didn’t pay too much attention because we were busy avoiding an annoying drunkard.  I eventually caught the bartender’s attention and he noticed that the sot was bothering us.  He had the bouncer take the slosh out of the bar after asking him to leave us alone a couple of times, and once he was gone, the bar treated us to a round.  It was a pleasant surprise in a somewhat unusual evening.  We ended the night at Viva, back on the East Side, and were only there for around a half hour.  Hopeful for some Taco Bell, we drove to the one down my street, only to find it closed.  Too bad, we came home and ate tortilla chips and salsa.

Saturday we lazed around for the morning and made our way down to Newport around noon.  We took a detour to Greenvale Vineyard on our way down and participated in a wine tasting.  I was unaware of how many vineyards are in the area.  There are at least six are in the area and I think I found a new hobby for next spring/summer.  Is there anyone who would like to join me in visiting the vineyards?

We had a late dinner after our return to Providence and a nap.  We went to Marchetti’s in Cranston, and it was very tasty.  The dinner was tasty, incredibly inexpensive, and the portions were HUGE!  The four of us ordered two entrees and each of us ordered a beer, the bill was less than $50 including the tip.  I have half of the lasagna left and half of the order of penne with meatballs in my fridge too.  I took them to one last hot spot, Hot Club, and we had some unforgettable conversation.  We wanted to go to the movie theatre, but it was too late to see any of the movies we wanted by the time we were done with dinner.  Instead, we did something none of us had ever done before; we rented a movie from redbox.  I don’t recommend anyone watch Get Smart.  The movie was very piecy.  They filmed the little quips very well and the humor was entertaining, it’s my opinion that it should have been a mini-series instead, because putting all the comedic sketches together in the movie wasn’t cohesive or entertaining.  I maybe made it through half of the movie, but my guests didn’t make it past the opening sequence.

Today was lazy, but I managed to return the movie in time and get some grocery shopping done.  I caught up on my CSI, Boston Legal, American Dad and NCIS episodes and I even completed a blog entry.  I’ll add another post with some links shortly.

xo, mo

a night in cranston

November 24, 2008

I got a call when I was almost home that my friend was at the Ford Dealership in Cranston.  By the time I got to the dealership, she had about an hour and a half to two hours until they would be finished with her car.  So we went to dinner.  She’s not familiar with the area so it was up to me to choose the dinner spot.  I chose Pei Wei, near REI and Ted’s Montana Grill, but it’s no longer there.  Instead we went to Panera, down the road.

Pretty delicious.  We both got the tortilla soup and I had a half of sandwich to round off the meal.  YUM!

Now, I’m home.  I just finished the rest of the 24 episode.  The end was the best part, where we got a glimpse of what’s to come.  24’s new season will include Chloe (she’s a mom), Tony (I thought he was dead), and Jack in a suit.  It will have it’s place in my Tivo queue.  At least for a while.

CSI is what I’m getting into now.  A lot seems to have happened since I last watched it.  The romance between Grissom and Sarah is dissolving.  And now that Warrick is no longer on the team (I think he died), the old squint is in the field and there’s a young blond out in the field with Greg.  This episode, Leave Out All The Rest, is from a couple of weeks ago, with an appearance by Lady Heather and a lot of sexual references.  If you’ve caught any of the CSI episodes with Lady Heather, she’s consulted when there’s plot tangled with S & M or less than usual sexual themes.  Since this show takes place in Las Vegas, they consult Lady Heather often.  This episode involves ‘needle play.’

finally… Threadless, a great t-shirt place that is based in Chicago is running a $5 sale.  So many shirts for only $5 apiece.