February 23, 2009

Clearly, I’m a slacker.  I’m sorry to all of those who pay attention and I have noticed that I haven’t been updating this page like I should.  Truth is, I haven’t been doing much other than keeping up with my day job, and going to roller derby practice, oh and playing Final Fantasy X.  

I was in Baltimore over the weekend cheering on the Rhode Island Riveters, our All-Star Travel Team.  We (two rookie skaters, a boy and me) drove the 6-hour trip to Charm City and watched our girls give it their all, only to be defeated by a landslide.  One of their co-captains, Dolly Rocket, used to play for PRD, but now she’s a mean Pivot for the Charm City Roller Girls.  They have an incredibly agile jammer too, Joy Collision, who picked through our blockers like she was pulling weeds, she’s truly a force on the track.  I hope to link to some of my friend’s photos once they’re posted.

I haven’t watched too many movies lately.  I need to work on that, since I have three Netflix discs, just sitting.

For now, that’s it, I have to watch one of these dusty discs and think of a derby name… let the brainstorming continue.


the offspring…

February 3, 2009

so i don’t know when it comes out, but it looks good and i want to see it.

blog fail!

February 2, 2009

So… I managed to fail completely at cleaning out the RSS feeder; it’s Monday though, and I’ve weasled it down to around 800…. more manageable than “1000+.”  I’ll get you a couple of good links since I’m checkin it out now…

it’s not a rubiks cube….

and i’ve only recently finished the first season of Big Love, but Jez tells me that they reference these books… a sort of little-girl catalogue for old geezers to pick wives from


January 30, 2009

i want these… but i’ve promised myself that i will NOT buy more shoes, at least for the near future.

thank you josh spear

January 30, 2009

i love this!   anyone know where i can pick up his prints? 


caution: daunting task ahead

January 30, 2009

well, i’ve been so busy working and playing video games that i haven’t spent too much time online and therefore i have over 1000 posts that are unread in my RSS feeder.  today, goal is to bring it to 200 or less in my 10-minute-“reward”-internet-break times.  (if i stay on task for an hour or get a big project done, i’ll reward myself with 10 minutes of “free-time” on the internet, it keeps me motivated.)

last wednesday in january 09

January 28, 2009

I’m in pajamas and about to go to a bar… without changing.  Providence Roller Derby is having their paJammer party at the Scurvy Dog, starts now, 9PM, so I’ll arrive fashionable and fashionably late.

I’m paying attention (somewhat) to the PC / Syracuse game, and while I don’t tend to follow the Big East, they’re a force to be reckoned with this college basketball season!  I mean I’m actually looking forward to going to one of the PC basketball games this season.

In other sports news… let’s talk about the Australian Open, it’s HOT down there!  Even though she was struggling something fierce, Serena pulled out the win!  What an effing amazing athlete!  …and in about 6 hours, Roddick/Federer.  I wish I had me some cable TV right about now.  I wonder if it’ll be online.  I’ll check on that when I get home from the bar, but if you know, don’t hold out on me now!

I better get out of here and get a couple free drinks in before it’s too late.  Work tomorrow will be a struggle with both jobs pulling at my strings…


January 27, 2009

out of it… 

migraine yesterday, final fantasy X and resting up today.  blitzballing and the like…

i’ll retreat to a bowl of popcorn and a movie soon though.  

xo, mo


January 24, 2009

homemade chinese food. check

comfy sweatpants. check

horror flick.  check

it all seems too good to be true.

strippers aren’t boring

January 21, 2009

You’ve heard of street smarts and book smarts, what about sex smarts?  How long have Homo sapiens had sex for “fun” and not just for reproduction?  A psychologist from the University of New Mexico is interested to find out.